The Wintulichs Story

Jakob Wintulich was born in Austria in 1875 and in the late 1800’s completed his smallgoods apprenticeship.

After seeing most of Europe Jakob Wintulich stowed away on a sailing ship. Two days out from port the need for food caused his
discovery. Jakob was given the option of being thrown overboard “to walk home” or work his passage, so he signed on as ships cook. The Captain was more than pleased with his new recruit and kept him as a permanent member of his crew. Jakob kept animals on board the ship and slaughtered them while at sea. He also made various smallgoods thus giving the Captain and crew a variety of meats not normally available at sea.

After two years at sea he jumped ship and swam ashore at Port Pirie, South Australia.

After making his way to Adelaide, with the help of his land lady Jakob began hawking smallgoods around Whitmore Square.

After making enough money to purchase a bicycle, Jakob made his way to the Barossa Valley’s German settlement, Tanunda.

A growing reputation of producing quality smallgoods led Jakob to establish “Wintulichs Smallgoods” in 1909. In 1925 Jakob relocated his business to Gawler where the company remains today.

Jakob continued to grow the business until 1945 when he handed the rains over to his son, Frank.

Sadly Jakob passed away in 1946 at the age of 71.

The company grew further under the management of Frank, who concentrated on producing a variety of Metwurst products. The rapid expansion of the company resulted in a new factory being built in 1956.

In 1962 Franks eldest son, John joined the company and became manager just 5 years later, a position he held for nearly 30 years.

The company still supplies a large majority of the South Australian market and has expanded to supply products across Australia.